yummy sushi View from our room on the 37th floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel More views from our hotel room Traditional Japanese Breakfast
Craig enjoying a tasty beverage at Tops House in Shinjuku drinks at Tops House Buds' self portrait at Tops House Shinjuku
Craig and Budz fun face at subway Strike a pose Waiting for the next train Animated family traveling on the train
Early morning visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market Sushi Chef at work at Sushi Toshi Too many drinks for this business man on the subway Don't get your tail caught in the subway door
Womans only subway cars New showcase car at Nissan showroom Lion Beer Hall in Ginza Craig enjoying a drink at Lion Beer Hall
Night of karaoke More karaoke Budz in Shinjuku Plenty of sake to be consumed
Budz enjoying noodles in Asakusa Buds in Ginza Shinjuku at night Buds in Shinjuku
Meiji Shrine Buds taking a stroll through Meiji-jingu Beer is tasty at Lion Beer Hall Cheers
Beers at the hall Craig chillin at the beer hall Ginza Craig in front of Meiji Shrine
Taking a load off for lunch Lunch break Box lunch and a pitcher
How cold is your kirin Beware of the cat and dog Some budha statue Scary doll shrine
fun lusty lady luxurious lavatories in Meiji-jingu Craig enjoying brunch at the hotel
Box lunch time master with chop sticks tourist wanna-be cute froggie
now I know that i'm 1-7 meters tall funny grandparents now what flight is buds on karoake time